Elizabeth Pemberton Primary School Graduation 2014

By: St. Clair ‘Sazam’ Hull

(CHARLESTOWN NEVIS)-The Elizabeth Pemberton Primary School, under its theme, ‘Striving for Excellence through Determination and Perseverance’ held its annual graduation at the school on Wednesday, July 9, 2014, under the distinguished patronage of Ms. Schakima Parry.

As the parents, guardians and teachers looked on in the crowded auditorium, 10 students walked down the aisle to commence their graduation exercise.

The school’s chaplain Mr. Allinson De Costa invoked God’s presence which was followed by the National Anthem.

Chairperson of the ceremony, Mr. Eric Evelyn said that he was grateful for the trust bestowed upon him to chair such a significant occasion. Evelyn said, ‘I want to say to the school and its staff that I am quite elated with the confidence you have showed in me at this time’. He also encouraged the graduates to ‘keep striving for utmost heights bearing in mind that the sky is the limit’.

Mrs. Marion Lescott, Principal at the school delivered the annual report. She told the gathering that the school had made great strides over the past year. She expressed heartfelt thanks to the people who had contributed significantly to the school. She stated, “There are some people that have played a part in everything conducted by the school whether it is Sports Day, or PTA meetings and I want to thank them publicly for the sacrifices they have made”. In conclusion she told all in attendance, ‘we must look for excellence in others in order to make Nevis a more progressive island’.

Ms. Shenelle Pemberton, a past student of the school gave the keynote address. She told the students that in order for them to be successful in life’s journey; they must be determined to overcome obstacles and adversities. She warned the children not to succumb to pressure and struggles even when the road seems never-ending. In closing, Ms. Pemberton urged the parents to keep supporting their children and to always give a listening ear to whatever problems the children may encounter.

The valedictory speech was delivered by Alexandra Richards. She claimed that she was proud of what she and her fellow graduates had achieved during their time at the school. She also commended past and present teachers for instilling good ethics and values in them, and said without the hard work of the teachers, the students of the graduating class would not have been the successful students they had become.

Richards accomplishments bore testimony of her personal determination and perseverance, since she had to overcome a language barrier. English is not her native language. She was born in the Dominican Republic and had to repeat Kindergarten due to the language predicament.

The distribution of gifts and certificates was by the Patron Ms. Schakima Parry, while the vote of thanks was given by Ms. Twana Williams.

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