Embassies of Eastern Caribbean States Congratulates Dominican Student on Academic Achievements in Morocco

OECS Media Release
Saturday, November 23, 2019 — Rabat, Kingdom of Morocco — The Embassies of the Eastern Caribbean States to the Kingdom of Morocco (ECS Embassies) extends its warmest congratulations and highest regards to Mr. Terry Gregory Lovell for his recent academic accomplishments while pursuing his undergraduate studies at Groupe Miage, a private education institution in the Kingdom of Morocco.

Mr. Lovell’s relentless pursuit of knowledge culminated in a graduation ceremony held in Rabat, the capital city of Morocco, during which time Mr. Lovell was recognised as a top academic performer in his faculty.

As a participant in the ongoing academic scholarship programme extended by the Kingdom of Morocco to nationals of the Member States of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), Mr. Lovell’s hard work was rewarded with the presentation of his Bachelor’s degree in the field of Computer Science with a specialisation in Systems and Network Administration.

Commenting on his plans for after graduation, Lovell shared that

“After such a journey, and the experience of living in such a different society, I have decided to continue doing so for a bit longer.”

“Over the years I have learned the value of being self-sufficient and my ultimate goal is to strengthen my resolve to survive, thrive and solve problems, connect with human beings and learn their languages and customs in order to get closer to the answers that I ultimately seek: What am I? Where do I come from? And where am I going? Until I solve that puzzle, I will continue to seek knowledge and develop solutions, and hopefully soon my beloved country, Dominica, and family can benefit from my struggle.”

In addition to earning his Bachelor’s degree, Lovell also developed a newfound proficiency in foreign languages, having become conversational in French, Arabic, and Darija (Morocco’s local Arabic dialect) during his time in the North African nation.

The young Dominican national also shared some words of advice to prospective students considering studying in Morocco:

“Embrace the world of foreign languages; remain determined and uncompromising in the pursuit of your dreams; and ensure that you have appropriate financial support while you are studying because, despite being on a scholarship, there are still costs that you will be faced with that you may have not considered.”

In attendance at Mr. Lovell’s graduation ceremony, His Excellency Ian M. Queeley, Ambassador-Designate at the ECS Embassies, commented:

“I am beaming with pride and extremely delighted to have witnessed and participated in this auspicious occasion. The morals and values inculcated in this young man coupled with his determination to succeed, have definitely returned great dividends. Graduating top of his class is no mean feat and is worthy of praise. Therefore, he should be immensely proud of this academic achievement. By doing so, he has also made his country and by extension, the entire OECS proud.”

“On behalf of the governments and people of the OECS, I wish to commend and congratulate Terry on such a stellar performance, one that is worthy of emulation by all the other students pursuing studies here. Further, I will admonish you to treat this as just the beginning of your life’s journey and urge you to remain focused.”

About the Embassies of Eastern Caribbean States to the Kingdom of Morocco:
The Embassies of Eastern Caribbean States to the Kingdom of Morocco (ECS Embassies) is a joint diplomatic mission comprised of embassies of individual members of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States. The Embassies operate via the modality of joint representation involving joint premises and staff, including a common/joint/shared Ambassador/Head of Mission. The primary objectives of the Joint Embassies are to promote friendship and cooperation and to advance the community and individual interests of member states in the Kingdom of Morocco.

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