Environmental Health Officers on Nevis Can Now Issue Ticket For Littering and Illegal Dumping Offences

BY=y:Curtis Morton
Charlestown-Nevis-Persons on Nevis who are so inclined towards littering and or dumping illegally had better watch out!
Principal Environmental Health officer on the island, Mr. Mervin Morton, confirmed on Wednesday that his team of officers are now in possession of the relevant ticketing books and are now in a position to issue tickets for immediate payment of fines relative to littering and illegal dumping offences.

Criticisms have been plentiful in the past as it was recognized that there were definite laws against littering and illegal dumping but there were never steps taken to prosecute offenders.
Morton noted that the Environmental Health Department has not been dormant and indicated that the previous Principal Environmental Health officer, Mr. Anthony Webbe had already put the wheels in motion, seeking to get the matter rectified.

In more recent times, there has been collaboration with Mr. Andrew Hendrickson and his team at the Nevis Solid Waste Management Authority, in trying to deal with the issue of illegal dumping and littering.
This collaboration has finally borne fruit as links were made with their counterparts in St.Kitts and the necessary ticketing books are now in the hands of the Environmental Health officers in Nevis.

Morton noted that only the six Environmental Health officers on the island have the authority to issue the tickets but assured that tickets will be issued to offenders.
The fines and penalties involved are to be paid immediately or the follow up would be court action against offending individuals.
The fines are of such that they should serve as a deterrent:
$500.00 for littering offences
Up to $2,000.00 for illegal dumping offences

Morton also pointed out that his department will continue to work hand in hand with the NSWMA staff that will help to identify persons breaking the law.
The Litter abatement act speaks to such ‘trivial’ things as a cigarette butt improperly disposed.
Morton is warning the general public to take heed and practice proper waste disposal measures and keep Nevis clean and healthy.

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