Charlestown-Nevis-The good news is that the long awaited and much called for fogging of village areas, is set to commence in Nevis, tonight-Tuesday 4th October.

The man in charge of the Environmental Health Department, Mr. Merville Morton, confirmed earlier today that the fogging exercises will commence in Craddock Road, on the Northern side—that is the side of the road that belongs to the St.Thomas’ Parish.

Morton indicated that his department is in receipt of two brand new fogging machines and these will be utilized for the upcoming exercise.

Morton stopped short of outlining a full schedule for the exercises, as he pointed out that tonight’s mission will serve as a guide for the future activities and then a full schedule will be released for the benefit of the general public.

The fogging exercise in Craddock Road today, is expected to commence at 5 pm and conclude at about 7 pm.

The Environmental Health Department is advising all householders to open up their doors and windows, so that the smoke from the machines which contains a mild insecticide, can engulf all of the mosquitoes in the area and kill them.

However, the householders are reminded that the fogging exercises will only get rid of the adult mosquitoes and so proper sanitation practices, including proper disposal of Refuse and especially containers that can collect water, which will serve as breeding sources for the dreaded Aedes aegypti mosquito, must be maintained.

Householders must also pay special attention to vases with flowers and change the water regularly and carefully clean vases and wash the flowers carefully before replacing into the changed water.

The hope is that the general public will be cooperative as the Environmental Health Deparment increases its efforts to minimize the spread of the ZIKA virus.


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