Coach Adelvin Phillip described it as an ‘awesome run.’ This in reference to the first major event for the athletics term to be hosted by the Elizabeth Pemberton Primary School, on Friday 5th February.

It was the cross country relay which saw the athletes making baton exchanges through the Cox and Montpelier areas and then back to the school.

The Gold house girls’ team was so dynamic in their run through, that they actually created a brand new record for the event, while the Green house boys almost did the same, but just barely failed as they took gold in the boys’ event.

The final results at the end of the exhilarating runs, which were viewed by quite a number of parents and other relatives of the athletes, were as follows:


1st place Gold house-new record

2nd Green house

3rd Red house


1st Green house

Red house

Gold house

Upcoming events for the school that did so well in the inter primary event last year, include the cross country events and the annual sports meet on Tuesday 1st of March.

Coach Phillip is certain that his troops will be at the peak of their game once more.

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