EU signs a Financing Agreement of XCD $7.91 million with Government of Dominica in support of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

The partnership between European Union and the Commonwealth of Dominica grows stronger with a new commitment from Brussels to support the island nation’s renewable energy sector.

The agreement, recently signed by the two parties, will make available the amount of XCD $7.91 million (€ 2.55 million) to the Government of Dominica as assistance towards increasing the resilience of the country’s strategic infrastructures, strengthening the competitiveness and the resilience of the energy sector, and implementing its international commitments under the Paris Agreement.

Among other activities, this support aims to render the country’s international airport energy-independent and disaster-resilient, through the installation of a solar power plant within the Douglas Charles airport premises. The programme is expected to run until 2022, and comes in addition to the ongoing programmes that the European Union and the Government of Dominica are implementing in the housing and post-disaster recovery sectors.

Acknowledging the need claimed by most Caribbean States for a swift and smooth transition towards renewable and efficient energy systems, the European Union remains committed its partnerships, supporting also similar programmes at regional or national level (in addition to Dominica, in St. Kitts and Nevis, Barbados and Monserrat).

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