Event held at Franklyn Browne Community Center

By:Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis- As part of the ongoing community development month of activities, an innovative and novel idea of a FLEA MARKET, was held at the Franklyn Browne Community Center on Saturday 7th May.

The main organizer of the event was Center Manager, Mrs. Greta Jeffers who in collaboration with many other community minded individuals, teamed up to make the event a reality.

As a matter of fact, Mrs. Jeffers indicated that the event was such a success that many individuals have requested that it be made an annual affair.
The event commenced at 7 am and concluded at about 7.30 pm. It featured the sale, at modest cost, of items such as clothing; gift items for mothers’ day; plants; food and domino games.

Certain community groups were also well represented as well.
Some of the groups/individuals who were present included:
J&J variety store; Marilyn Evelyn’s gift and variety items; Nevis pottery; Returning Nationals society of Nevis; Althea place; Music by Rudolph SPOOSN Jones.
In addition, there was food and entertainment:
Jango’s variety-goat water and barbecue
Ground provisions-Sylvia Nisbett
Cakes-Methodist Youth Dept.
Cotton Ground masquerades

Representatives of the Returning Nationals association also expressed their congratulations to the organizers of the event and noted that they used the opportunity to raise well needed funds which will go back to assist individuals within the community.

Silvester Wallace, the Culinary Arts Specialist at the Department of Community Development, used the opportunity to promote his recently released book, which features the use of local produce to make refined dishes.

Althea Jones was also on hand to advertise items from her variety store and Marilyn Evelyn highlighted items made at the Nevis Pottery by herself and Almena Cornelius, along with some specially made gift baskets for mothers’ day.
Patrons also used the opportunity to socialize, meet and greet friends; play dominoes and listen to the good music from the sound system of DJ SPOON.
All in all, it was recorded as a wonderful and refreshing event.

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