Everette Sargent on a Mission to Save Our Youths

Former Nevis and Leeward islands wicket keeper/batsman, Everette Sargeant, is less than impressed with what is going on with sports on the island and is putting up his hands to be in the forefront of a drive to save the youths on the island.
He pointed to the fact that most of the critical sporting bodies on the island are virtually dormant, such as Netball, Football and even Cricket.
He is of the view that the young people should be more actively engaged in positive past times and that being involved in sports, is one sure way of keeping the youths positively focused.
‘Don’t you realize that the number of youths involved in community groups are dwindling, while the number of youths involved in gangs are increasing?’ he asked.
‘There is a correlation there. If they are not positively involved in community groups, they will be attracted to the gangs,’ he stated.
He further stated in the recent interview with NTV Sports, that it will take a collective community effort, which will involve the sporting associations, the Youth and Sports department, the Community Services and Community Development officials and community members on a whole, in order to save the youths from the current ongoing crisis.
Sargeant is not just about talk either. He plans to lead from the front. He is currently on the way back to Miami and plans to return with some sporting equipment, including Tennis gear, as he plans to introduce Tennis as a sport in the Primary and Secondary Schools, in collaboration with the relevant authorities.
He is also putting up his hands to get Nevis Cricket back to the glory days and is willing to start by putting himself up for election as president, when the opportunity arises.
He hopes that all right minded citizens will be on board with the plans to be rolled out, in order to save the children.

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