By Curtis Morton

The action in the under 21 Basketball tournament, sponsored by LEFCO, continued over the past week at the Church Ground hard court.

One of the obvious features of the games, is that they have all proved to be interesting and exciting, even if the scores in some cases, appear to tell a different tale.

The crowds have also been very impressive as well.

Here is an update as to recent matches played:

Lefco U21 Parish League 2018 Game 5

13.02.18 St. John’s Parish 68 to St. James Parish 50


First quarter St. John’s 11 St. James 6

Second Quarter St. John’s 20   St. James 17

Third quarter St. James 17 St. John’s 12

Fourth quarter St. John’s 24 St. James 10


Half time score 31 – 23 in favor of St. John’s Parish


St. John’s Parish 68 points

Kareem Parry 17poi 1reb 4ass 4ste 1b/s 2turnover 3 of 5 free throw made

Gassano Barry 24poi 14reb 3 of 8 free throw made 8turnover

Kendal Fahie 10poi 6reb 1ass 1b/s 0 of 2 free throw 5 turnover

Shamar Fahie 9poi 1reb 5ass 1ste 6turnover


St. James parish 50 points

Jamarly Woods 12poi 1reb 1ass 1b/s 2 turnovers 2 of 2 free throw made

Tianj Brookes 15poi 2reb 3 turnover 3 of 4 free throw made

Oreon Browne 8poi 5reb 3ass 2ste 6turnover 2 of 3 free throw made

Ronel Jones 10poi 1reb 3ass 4ste 5turnover 2 of 5 free throw made


Lefco U21 Parish League 2018 Game 6

17.02.18 St. Paul’s Parish 71 to St. Georges Parish 67


First quarter St. Georges 15 St. Paul’s 14

Second Quarter St. Georges 18 St. Paul’s 17

Third quarter St. Georges 12 St. Paul’s 12

Fourth quarter St. Paul’s 28 St. Georges 22


Half time score 33 – 31 in favor of St. Georges Parish


St. Paul’s Parish 71 points

Thabiti Abrams 39poi 14reb 4ass 8ste 13 of 18 free throw made 12turnover

Jerome Clarke 24poi 14reb 1ass 1ste 2 of 11 free throw made 14turnover

Azaan Liburd 4poi 3reb 8ste 6 of 8 free throw made 16turnover

Chavez Archibald 2poi 2reb 3ass 2ste 5turnovers


St. Georges Parish 67 points

Trevorne Simmonds 24poi 13reb 9ass 7ste 4 of 10 free throw made 8turnover

Shaphan Chapman 13poi 10reb 3ass 4ste 1 of 2 free throw made 5 turnover

Jaleel Huggins 14poi 4reb 1ass 4ste 1 of 1 free throw made

Tyreek Freeman 2poi 8reb 2ass 5ste


Second game was rained out at second quarter. St. Thomas is in the lead with 23-18 with 7:26 left in second quarter.

The action continues on Tuesday night at the same venue.



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