Exciting Netball Comes to Nevis

The excitement continues to mount as the Netball fever takes hold of fans across the federation.

This is as the First Federal Credit Union federal Netball competition continues.

The next games are scheduled for Sunday 4th June at the Pam Tyson Netball Complex:
6 pm

LHD Auqua Ballerz v Revivorz
7 pm

Saddlers Ball Stars v Newtown Netball Club

The action will move to Nevis on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th of June when the matches for that weekend will be played at the Grell Hull Stevens Netball Complex.

Saturday, June 10th
6 pm

Saddlers Ball Stars v Revivorz of Nevis
7 pm

Koscab Coca-Cola Netball Club v LHD Auqua Ballerz
Sunday 11th June
6 pm

Revivorz of Nevis v Newtown Netball Club
7 pm

LHD Auqua Ballerz v Saddlers Ball Stars
The general public is cordially invited to two nights f exciting action on the court.

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