Exciting Tape Ball League To Commence Shortly

Deputy Director at the Sports Department Brian Dowe, on Monday indicated that the tape ball tournament organized by his Department, will commence on Sunday 7th October.

Seven established club teams have been invited to participate in the tournament, with the intention that next year, other teams will be invited to participate, including female teams.

For this tournament, the invited teams which will be expected to pay a registration fee of $50.00 by midnight Friday 5th October are: Rawlins; All Stars; Highlights; Empire; GT United; Calypso and SDA Jets.

Dowe further revealed that all of the matches for this year will be played at the ET Willet Park, even though the proposal is that for the following year, the tournament will be spread around to other grounds across the island.

Two matches will be played on Wednesdays, starting at 4.30 pm with the second game starting at 5.45 pm; Saturdays, with the first game starting at 5 pm and second game at 6.45 pm and Sundays, with the first game starting at 4pm and the second game at 6 pm.

The matches will be of 10 overs per side duration.

The winning team will receive $1,000.00

Second placed team $700.00

Third placed team $ 500.00

Dowe took the opportunity to invite the general public to come out and witness the matches, which he expects to be of a high and competitive standard and will be free of cost to the general public and hence a good family outing.

Matches scheduled for Sunday 5th October:

GT United v SDA Jets at 4 pm

Calypso v Highlights at 6 pm

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