Exciting Under 17 Tournament continues at the ETW

By:Curtis Morton

Today, Wednesday 16th December, will see the continuation of the very exciting under 17 tournament hosted by the Youth and Sports Department.

Round two of the competition commenced on Sunday last, with leaders from the first round, Cradock Road, already taking an early lead, after completing an exhilarating come from behind victory over a determined St.Thomas’ team.

Gingerland also dominated Bath in match two which was played on that same day.

The match up scheduled for today is also highly anticipated as Bath would be seeking to regain some semblance of team pride, as they engage St.Thomas’.

Coach Alex Claxton is hoping that his team can come good today, even though he has explained that his team members are some of the youngest and the smallest in the competition, as a fair number of them are primary schoolers. He however noted that by next year they will certainly be a force to be reckoned with, as most of the other teams will lose a lot of their top players who will be over the age by that time.

Another exciting match is also much anticipated for Thursday 17th December, as Gingerland, fresh from their 5 to 2 drubbing of the Bath team, will seek to slow up leaders Craddock Road.

Chief coordinator of the tournament, Leroy JUN-JUN Sweeney has indicated that he is extremely pleased with the level of play being exhibited by his young guards and is encouraging the general public to come out in their numbers to witness the remaining games.

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