Executive Director of Culturama refutes allegation of a VIP lounge in the Cultural Complex

By: Gavincia Clarke

(CHARLESTOWN, NEVIS)- Nevis Culturama Festival 2013 is fast approaching and its Executive Director, Mr. Antonio ‘Abonaty’ Liburd has assured the general public that plans are running smoothly in preparation for a safe and enjoyable festival.

Today, Wednesday, July 17, 2013 this media house visited the Culturama Complex and the Cultural Village to witness the work taking place in preparations for Culturama 2013. At that time, Mr. Liburd took the opportunity to refute all allegations that a VIP lounge is being constructed at the Culturama Complex. The Director stated that the rumour is false.

However, he explained that a wide scope of work has being undertaken to improve the structure of the complex and its surroundings. Mr. Liburd elucidated that an additional five rows of seats are being constructed by workers of the Public Works. He also made mentioned that a Police Command Post, where police officers will be stationed to monitor what is taking place on the ground is under construction. According to Liburd, cameras will be placed in areas so that officers can have a clear view of the environs. To facilitate this, a backhoe was present at the site removing trees and bushes from around the surroundings under the instructions of police officers.

Mr. Liburd stated that work was also being done to the backstage ceiling since the roof was leaking extensively.

The entrance to the Cultural Complex is also being re-designed by Clive Evelyn of ‘Clive Evelyn’s Construction’. He explained that there will now be four separate entrances and one main exit to allow a smoother flow of the crowd to and from the complex grounds.

At the Cultural Village the stage has been renovated and painted to accommodate entertainment throughout the festival. An additional piece was also added as a VIP section for the artistes who will be performing on the night of the Tender Care International Freedom Concert on Friday, August 2. Mr. Liburd explained that the VIP session was constructed so that spectators may have an opportunity to interact with and meet the artistes on the night of the event.

Some owners of booths were present painting and re-decorating their booths. Among those was Samuel ‘Fish’ Richardson, owner of the popular dance booth in the village called the ‘Rose Garden’ or popularly known as the ‘Bullpen’.

A number of adjustments to his establishment were also put in place to safeguard his patrons. Over the years there was one entrance to and from the dance floor of the ‘Rose Garden’ however, an emergency exit is now in place. Additional blocks were added on the wall that separates the Cultural Complex from the Cultural Village. This was done so that weapons or any illegal item cannot be passed over the wall as officers will be at the gate conducting security scans before persons enter the venues.

Nevis Culturama Festival 2013 will run from Thursday, July 25 to August 6, 2013.

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