Exploring Brimstone Hill Fortress On The Island Of St. Kitts

By: Geoffrey Morrison Contributor Travel
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I wouldn’t want to walk up here. That was my first thought as I drove slowly up the single-track switchback road that gets you from the main road up to the fortress. I can’t imagine having to do this in full soldier regalia or while carrying supplies. Even with the A/C on I’m hot. The Caribbean sun is relentless.Brimstone Hill Fortress sits on the island of St. Kitts, atop a steep slope that even non-engineers could look at and think, yeah, that’d be a good place for the fort. The British certainly thought so, and in 1690 installed a cannon here. Over the next century and a half the fortifications became a fortress, built by African slaves, to help the British maintain control. They did, for the most part.Read More..https://www.forbes.com/sites/geoffreymorrison/2019/06/29/exploring-brimstone-hill-fortress-on-the-island-of-st-kitts/#356efd46e4ff

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