Faith-based organisations on Nevis to tackle social issues in schools, community

NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (November 26, 2021) — Apart from a two-day collaborative prayer initiative, faith-based organisations on Nevis are working on two other initiatives to tackle social issues in schools and the community.

Rev. Ron Daniel, Chairman of the Nevis Evangelical Association accompanied by Fr. Piotr Palowski, Chairman of the Nevis Christian Council, said on November 23, 2021, that the organisations are collaborating on strategic matters of interest that would benefit the island, and have so far met with the police.

“We met with the High Command of the Police and they indicated to us that there are some crime-fighting ways in legislation that can be improved. For instance, there are areas in the legislation that are weak and there are areas of the legislation that needed to be updated to be able to fight crime.

“What we will be looking to do is working with them to be able to draft amendments to the legislation for crime-fighting to be more effective in Nevis,” he said.

Rev. Daniel described the other initiative as one relating to inculcating values in the youth.

“We recognise that there is a lack of values in our schools. People are growing up to be comfortable with murder, with hatred, with violence etc. and so what we want to do is start a values programme in the coming year, where we encourage our children to have values, and that will be led by us in the Nevis Evangelical Association in collaboration with the Nevis Christian Council where we encourage stuff like forgiveness. We encourage stuff like love.

“You should be looking forward to hearing us come up with what we call creative solutions to encourage values in our young people. So that is part and parcel of our programmes. First of course we are praying and we are asking God to protect our country. Then we are also looking to have legislation to make crime-fighting more effective, and then of course, the importance of values throughout our country,” he said.

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