Fashion Show at the Gulf Insurance Inter Primary Sports Meet 2013

By: Gavincia Clarke

(CHARLESTOWN, NEVIS)- The annual Gulf Insurance Championship Meet is said to be the largest social event in Nevis.

The event of Wednesday, April 3, 2013 was no exception. Thousands of people turned out to the ET Willett Park in colors to demonstrate their support of the various participating primary schools.

DSC02877It has been noted over the years that the event is not all about the athletes but also about the numerous hunks and ‘fashionistas’ who attend the event merely to display their unique style.

This display of fashion usually manifest itself in makeup, outrageous hair styles, clothes, shoes and accessories. It seems that there are no rules and restrictions when it comes to fashion at the Inter Primary Sports Meet.

Some attend in heels, stockings, ‘batty riders’, costumes and even fur boots. Whatever the fashion statement, the ET Willett Park is always ‘smoking hot’ with both males and females. The eyes of everyone are usually glued to the entrance of the Park as the entrance is transformed into a fashion runway.

With all this fashion on display, it is inevitable that a large majority will be looking on with eager eyes. Persons can be seen gasping, pointing and laughing at the taste in the dress code of others. However, in spite of all the fun and laughter, everything is usually taken in good spirits and accepted with humor.

The event is now over but the talk remains ‘who were looking hot from who were not’.

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