Feet in De Street- A Success Story

Charlestown, Nevis – Senior Health Educator at the Health Promotions Unit on Nevis, Miss Shevanee Nisbett, has indicated that overall, the recent initiative by her Unit, referred to as FEET IN DE STREET, was a huge success.

She welcomed the many criticisms of the endeavour and noted that such was excepted, due to the fact that people do not like to be forced outside of their comfort zones.

The initiative, which was held on Friday 11th September, involved the blocking of certain major and private roads, in and around Charlestown, which forced persons to walk longer distances, in order to get to their places of work or doing business.

Miss Nisbett noted that the blockages had to be removed long before their previously advertised time of 5 pm, as inclement weather throughout the day, was not conducive to the exercise.  The blockages were removed sometime between 12 noon and 1 pm. She further indicated that yes, her Unit plans to put on the event next year as well, but will take the many criticisms and suggestions, in order to fine-tune it, for the betterment of all involved.

She pointed out that the fact that some persons claimed to be unaware of the activity until they got to Charlestown, would lend to more and better promotions, next time around.  Even designated parking areas, with available shuttle services such as BUKKO Park and the area close to TDC at Pinney’s Estate, were poorly utilized, due to lack of awareness.

She, however, stated that many persons lauded the initiative and many have indicated that they have been influenced to walk more and so, the main objectives of her Unit, have been achieved.

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