Female accepts responsibility for 37. 3 grams of cannabis

(CHARLESTOWN, NEVIS)- At the District ‘C’ Magistrate Court on Tuesday, January 13, 2014 Zalima Herbert of Mount Lily took the stand along with her boyfriend and claimed ownership of cannabis measuring 37.3 grams.

Zalima Herbert
Zalima Herbert

Her boyfriend, Dwayne Ferlance pleaded not guilty and as a result Police Prosecutor; Inspector Stephen Hector, withdrew the charges against him, leaving Herbert to face the charges on her own.

Herbert was charged with the offenses of possession of cannabis with the intent to supply to another and also, knowing permitted the preparation of cannabis for selling.

It was reported that on December 6, 2013 a search warrant was executed at the premises of Dwayne Ferlance where Zalima Herbert is an occupant. At about 7: 25 a.m. Constable Browne conducted a search on the property. At the time of the search the female was alone.

Browne carried out his search and just outside of the house a bottle with 11 dimes bags containing cannabis was found. Then in another bottle the officer found one (1) zip lock bag containing cannabis and in a third bottle more cannabis measuring 6.5 grams. The Constable also found cannabis seeds.

When asked by Her Honor Yasmine Clarke what she had to say for herself, the 28 year old whispered something making it difficult for those present in the gallery to hear.

She was convicted and fined $1500.00 to be paid in 3 months or in default serve 6 months imprisonment for the charge of cannabis with the intent to supply to another.

After the ruling and speaking to this media house, Ferlance said that he was remanded for two weeks at Her Majesty’s Prison for the cannabis charges. He stated that he spent his Christmas behind bars for ‘weed’. It was his view that the laws and regulations of St. Kitts and Nevis are calamitous and many persons life get wasted in prison foolishly because officers charge persons without any proof, just by ‘hearsay’.

According to him, no one should be charged must less be sent to prison without substantial evidence. Ferlance said he learnt a lot while being remanded. He indicated that it is frightening to hear of the lengths officers would go to just to convict a person.

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