Ag Director of Sports, Jamir Claxton has indicated that a youthful Female Football squad is currently in training on the island of Nevis.

According to Claxton, there are quite a lot of opportunities for females who excel at the game, including possible educational scholarships and so he is pleased to see the interest and turn out at the practice sessions so far.

Some thirty six girls have turned up regularly at the CSS or Villa grounds for practice sessions which began on Thursday 17th October.

Claxton is assisting with the coaching of the girls but is ably assisted by two young ladies who have already made it all the way to the St.Kitts/Nevis female football team: Kazel Williams and Kenosha Powell.

Both young ladies explained that they were involved in training the young ladies in the basic skills of the game which includes controlling and dribbling the ball, using the head; hooking, passing and shooting.

They also indicated that each afternoon at practice, they try to make the sessions as ‘fun’ as possible.


All of the young ladies indicated that they were enjoying the sessions and most of them pointed out that they expect to make it big in the game one day. Others pointed to the benefits of exercise and fitness as a motivating force.

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