Finding Alexander Hamilton in Nevis

Nevis, West Indies (CNN) — Alexander Hamilton, once relegated to being “that guy on the $10 bill,” is now a huge draw, thanks to the Tony Award-winning musical inspired by his life.
Author and original “Hamilton” portrayer Lin-Manuel Miranda has won a MacArthur Fellowship and many of the show’s cast members have become stars.
But there’s one place not feeling the benefit of Hamilton’s star power: the island of Nevis, where the Founding Father was born.
Nevis, a small island in the West Indies usually forced to play second fiddle to its bigger sibling of St Kitts (together they comprise the country of St Kitts & Nevis), doesn’t even get mentioned by name in the musical.
In fact, there’s only one reference to the place where Hamilton was born: “dropped in the middle of a forgotten spot in the Caribbean,” a few seconds into the opening numberRead More…

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