Gingerland-Nevis-The Fire and Rescue Department on Nevis came in for high praise on the evening of Monday 6th February, as they moved quickly to extinguish a fire, which had the potential to create a major catastrophe.

Deputy Fire Chief Ag. Abdias Samuels, informed this media house that they received a call at about 11.22 pm that there was a house in Gingerland on fire.

The unit from the Charlestown Fire Station was deployed to the scene. On arriving at the scene, they discovered a wooden and concrete structure, fully engulfed in flames.

According to Samuels, when his team first arrived on the scene, flames were extending high into the air.

He further noted that his team had to move quickly, as they realized that a gas station, which is now obsolete, was in close proximity to the burning structure and knowing that there may be gas contained therein, they were fully aware of the potential danger, had the fire spread.

He congratulated his team members for their quick and efficient response.

Fire sub officer, Julian Pemberton, who helped to direct the operation, concurred with his superior officer, that the men really did a marvelous job in extinguishing the blaze.

The building in question is a historic landmark in the Gingerland area, commonly referred to as ‘JAMES BROOKES Gas Station.’

In its heyday, especially when it was operated by the late James Brookes, it was popular as a Bakery and Gas station. In later years it was operated by Carmen Brookes and eventually closed.

No one was living in the building at the time of the incident.

Deputy Fire Chief Ag. Samuels, used the opportunity to ask anyone with any information about the blaze to contact their nearest Police Station or Fire Department. He was careful to point out however, that the cause of the fire is yet unknown but that it is being investigated.

He also warned persons to be careful while utilizing flammable objects and be aware of the possible damage that could be caused if persons are negligent.

Director of the Culturama Secretariat, Antonio ABONATTY Liburd, noted that he was fast asleep while the blaze was raging and he was awakened by a friend, who alerted him that a fire was just next to his home.

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