FIRST OFFICIAL CHRISTMAS TREE LIGHTING ceremony set for Tuesday 28th 2017

Charlestown-Nevis-The first official Christmas tree lighting ceremony is set for Tuesday 28th November.

This was confirmed recently by Mrs. Janet Meloney, Director of the Community Development Department.

As was the case last year, Main Street Charlestown, in the vicinity of the Memorial square, will be cordoned off for the event and a huge stage will be erected for the official opening ceremony and an exciting package of performances by various artistes. The action gets started at 7.00 pm but early attendees would be able to savour the sweet strains of steel pan music from 6pm.

Mrs. Meloney also revealed the patron for this year and that special person is Ms. Myrtle Howell of Stoney Grove in Charlestown.

The lighting of the Christmas tree in Charlestown, is normally considered ‘the big one,’ even though in recent years, there are certain villages across the island, which would want to challenge that status.

Some of the other tree lighting ceremonies across the island, have already been booked but the list is not yet finalized.

The initial list reads as follows:

November 28th –Memorial Square in Charlestown-7.00 pm

December 9th-Upper Cane Garden-6.30 pm

December 11th –Butlers-Community Center Grounds-6.30 pm

December 12th-Jessups-Community Center Grounds-6.30 pm

Fig tree-next to Viola Nicholas’ residence-6.30 pm

December 14th-Top of Government Road-6.30 pm

Newcastle-next to CACKY’S shop- 6.30 pm

December 15th –Westbury/Cades Bay-Geothermal Bar-6.30 pm

Stoney Grove-Palm Gardens-6.30 pm

December 16th-Brick Kiln-opposite ‘Squeeze up bar’-6.30 pm

Rawlins Village-Next to Paulette’s shop at Cart Path-6.30 pm

Fountain/Mount Lily-next to Elfreda Cornelius’ shop-6.30 pm

Prospect-Elderly home—6.30 pm

December 17th-Camps/Combermere-Community Center Grounds-6.30 pm

Hard times-Playing field-6.30 pm

December 18th-Hanley’s Road-Community Center grounds-6.30 pm

December 20th-Market Shop-6.30 pm

Cotton Ground-Community Center grounds-6.00 pm

Garner’s –Icilma Daniel’s shop-6.00 pm

December 21st-Pond Hill-6.00 pm

December 22nd-Craddock Road-Basketball court-6.00 pm

December 23rd-Brown Hill-Community Center Grounds-6.00 pm

December 24th-Barnes Ghaut-Community Center Grounds-6.00 pm

December–Church Ground-Church Ground Hill-6.00 pm

December-Cox Village-Gazebo-6.00 pm

December-Bath Village-Round about Square-6.00 pm

December –Cole Hill-Pancho’s Shop-6.00 pm

December-Brown Pasture-Brown Pasture Shop-6.00 pm

Zion Village-Old New River school grounds-6.00 pm

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