Fishing Tournament a Success

President of the Indian Castle Fisher Folks Association, Mr. Mackay Moore, explained that the Fishing tournament, held by his Association on Sunday 11th August, was not the regularly scheduled tournament that is normally hosted by the well-known body.
It was a sort of filler, due to the fact that inclement weather had curtailed the two previously slated events.
‘Persons who would have registered for those previous events, were allowed to participate in this one for free,’ he stated.
So, at just around 5.30 am on Sunday morning, four boats pushed out from the Indian Castle bay and two others pushed out at areas in Charlestown.
The generally accepted rules of the competition were in place, except for the fact that there were only two basic judging categories on this day:

A-Finger fishing
B –Long line/set fishing
The boats returned for the most part, between 4 and 4.15 pm—the stipulated cut off time, but Captain GARGU and crew of the MV KIMMOY, got in long before that.
The fishermen generally accepted that it was a tough day, but brought in a fair amount of fish in their respective catches and some sizeable ones as well.
When the judges would have completed their counts and weigh- ins, the final results were as follows:
Most fish caught –Category A-Finger fishing
MV Com-c with captain Loren NAINY James -63 fish
Most pounds of fish-category B-long line/set line
MV Empress Niqua-102 pounds with Captain Dwight Richards
Patrons of the event, stayed on until late into the night, enjoying the LIME and the pulsating sounds of BLACK STONE FAMILY and the GRAND MASTERS BAND.

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