Fizull ‘Jerry’ Hossein retires from Nevis Solid Waste Department after 15 years of service

By: St. Clair ‘Sazam’ Hull

(CHARLESTOWN NEVIS) On Friday, October 13, 2017, the Nevis Solid Waste Department held a farewell ceremony at its main office in Charlestown.

The ceremony was conducted to bid farewell to Fizull Hossein affectionately known as ‘Jerry’ who worked at the Nevis Solid Waste Department for the past fifteen years.

Manager of the Nevis Solid Waste Department, Mr. Andrew Hendrickson gave the opening remarks. He pointed out that Jerry has been with the department for the last fifteen years and was making his departure due to injury. Hendrickson noted that Jerry has been a very dedicated worker and will be greatly missed by the department. He further stated that he has had a very close relationship with him over the years and found him to be a really wonderful person.

Jerry’s co-worker, Mr. Kwame Vallet also gave some brief remarks. He told those gathered that Hossein was a reliable worker, who could have been called upon at any given time. He stated that many times Hossein had to work two and sometimes three shifts because someone was unable to work. Vallet pointed out, that Hossein always answered the call and that he must be commended and applauded for his sterling service. In closing, Vallet wished Hossein all the best in his future endeavors, as well as long life and happiness.

The retiree, Mr. Fizull Hossein also gave some brief remarks. He indicated that he enjoyed his time at the department and he was very sad to leave. Hossein said that he enjoyed a great relationship with the staff at the department and they all got along very well. However, he made mentioned of a few persons who were special to him and indicated that he will never forget them. Those persons he said were, Andrew Hendrickson, Melodita Chapman and Triska Chapman.  In closing, he thanked all those who have helped him over the years and wished the department continued success.

A plaque was presented to Hossein for his contribution to the Nevis Solid Waste Department.


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