By:Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis—The Staff and residents of the Flamboyant Senior Citizens home, commenced a week of celebrations on Monday 26th October, with an inspirational service of thanksgiving.

The week of activities is being held under the theme: ‘Building a brighter future for our seniors.’

The service commenced with opening remarks by Manager of the home, Ms Ena Sutton who ably chaired the proceedings.
She noted that in order for health care workers to adequately meet the needs of the seniors, ‘we need to be more proactive with our deliverables, procedures, monitoring mechanisms and our strategies, may have to revisited.’

‘We need to ensure that our seniors die with dignity,’ she stated emphatically.
The national anthem was beautifully rendered by Miss Nailah Daniel, whose dad happens to be a resident at the home and who gave her an appreciative hug, when she was finished.

The invocation was done by Mrs. Franklin and then the sizeable gathering in attendance, sang lustily, the hymn ‘I won’t have to worry anymore.’
The scripture reading was done by Miss R. Hanley and this was followed by an excellent solo rendition, specially dedicated to the seniors, by Miss Akila Rawlins.
Matron Dias then delivered brief remarks during which she saluted all Care givers and Health care professionals. She stressed on social duty and responsibility and the value of team work.

She noted that health professionals ought to evaluate their roles and commit to respect, trustworthiness and honesty.
She had special commendation for one of the workers at the home, Ms Pamela Pemberton.

Mr. Sam Powell who has assisted the home musically for a number of years, then played an instrumental on his keyboards, which was much appreciated.
Special remarks were then delivered by Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Mrs. Nicole Slack-Liburd, who stood in for Health Minister, Hon Mark Brantley, who she noted was involved in another engagement.
She applauded the seniors for their tremendous contributions to the society and indicated that they were high on the priority list of the Nevis Island Administration.

She pointed to some of the initiatives already put in place for the seniors, which include the free bus rides and the drastic reduction on utility bills.
The Housekeeping staff then added to the morning’s proceedings with a rendition of the song ‘I’ve got a mansion.’

The spoken word was delivered by the dynamic youthful Pastor Delroy Josiah of the Seventh Day Adventist church who pointed to the commandment that states: Honour thy father and thy mother and noted that it comes with the promise of long life.
He admonished his hearers to focus on three basic precepts when dealing with the elderly:

1. Accept their counsel
2. Enquire of their wisdom
3. Build with them in mind
He also stated: ‘In all of our building, let’s not forget God.’
Everyone then joined in the singing of the closing song: “When we all get to heaven’ and then the vote of thanks was done by Ms Pamela Pemberton.
Light refreshments were served to those present.
The week of activities continues as follows:
Tuesday 27th October—The seniors will be entertained by some of the masquerades of Nevis. This activity will be coordinated by the Nevis Cultural Development Foundation.

Wednesday 28th October-The seniors will be treated to an island tour
Thursday 29th October—The seniors will be treated to a sumptuous lunch on the lawn, while being entertained by music provided by Didier Rohan.
Friday 30th October—This will be an open day when members of the general public will be allowed guided tours of the facility.
That same evening, the seniors will be privileged to have a movie night, to culminate the week.

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