Flow Customers Get More Convenient New Features With Latest Release of MyFlow App

MIAMI – The customer self-care app from Flow called “MyFlow” was recently relaunched with several new features that make it even easier to use and more convenient for customers.

C&W Senior Vice President of Customer Experience Alvin Stokes said “It’s everything customers need right now and have been asking for – more features and more convenience – that allows them to control their own experience,” he said. “The MyFlow app now has an easier log-in process and offers customers simple ways to pay their bills, view balances, top up and activate add-on combo plans all from the device in the palm of their hands.

“This version of the MyFlow app also gives customers direct access to self-service options for activating TV and mobile add-ons as well as offering handy solutions to easily solve service issues like remotely re-setting cable modems and set top boxes. Our customers are now more tech savvy than ever, and if they can resolve an issue themselves or even add a new service without having to go through an agent, that’s more than likely the option they’d prefer.”

As Flow continues to improve its customers’ experience, they have also made enhancements to their customer care calling platform. The updates now make it easier for customers to pay bills, report service interruptions, set up credit card payments, receive outage updates and even send credit to their family and friends. Customers can follow the simple prompts to action all of the above services directly from the automated caller platform.

The MyFlow app is available in all 15 Flow markets and can be downloaded from the Apple or Play Stores. To download the MyFlow app, visit www.discoverflow.co. Customers who may still need to reach a customer care agent can do so by calling: 611 or 18008042994.

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