FLOW launches lightning speed 4G LTE as part of its Mobile Network in the Federation

By:St. Clair ‘Sazam’ Hull


(CHARLESTOWN NEVIS)-On Friday, September 30, 2017 one of the telecommunications company operating in the Federation, FLOW, held it’s 4G LTE Launch at Happy Endings, Charlestown, Nevis.

Marketing and Communication Assistant for the company, Ms. Sharisma Patrick gave the opening remarks. She used the origins of the first Olympics to allude to the speed of the product that Flow is set to unveil shortly. She pointed out that in today’s world we think of either Usain Bolt or our very own Kim Collins when we think of the Olympics.

She continued, “Today at FLOW, I am to tell you that we have crossed the tape and the photo finish says that another record has been broken as we are the first telecommunications provider to offer lightning fast speeds via our mobile network”.

General Manager of FLOW, Mr. David Lake also gave some remarks. Lake indicated that the launch was yet another first for our local telecommunications industry Cable and Wireless St. Kitts and Nevis Ltd trading as FLOW officially switched on their long term evolution network more popularly known as LTE. He pointed out, that this move ushers in the fourth generation mobile technology in their market putting them ahead of many other countries around the globe. Lake stated that in the first quarter of 2017, the market share of LTE connections compared to all other mobile wireless technologies reached 28%. He further indicated that out of 7.7 billion cellular connections worldwide, LTE connections were 2.2 billion.

Mr. Lake also noted that in the Caribbean and Latin America specifically, LTE market share grew by over 100% from 9.7% at the end of March 2016. He said that this year, FLOW has invested millions of dollars in their LTE network and they have earmarked millions more to spend.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism, Mr. John Hanley also gave brief remarks. He took the time out and apologized on behalf of the Minister responsible for telecommunications in the Nevis Island Administration, Hon. Mark Brantley who was not able to attend the event due to illness.

Hanley stated that the public will be looking for proper service in regards to the offer. He pointed out, that it will be expected of FLOW to have proper customers service, and to listen attentively to complaints made by customers when they are experiencing difficulties. Hanley said that this was important because competition is out there and in order to stay ahead, customers will have to be satisfied with the product.

Customer Experience Manager at FLOW, Nevis Mr. Rhodell Whittaker also gave some remarks. He indicated that the 4G LTE is a provider that will be of great assistance to consumers. He noted that once connected, connection will be received in Charlestown. Whittaker further pointed out that roaming will be afforded if one decides to travel.

The vote of thanks was given by Mr.Elliott Prince.

FLOW’s lightening speed 4G LTE is already in operation.





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