Football : Humble Ramsey Gives God All the Honour and Praise

The little boy who walked through the crowds at Grove Park, selling bags and bags of parched nuts, has developed into an international FIFA official.

Sportscaster, Curtis Morton, sat down with Malcolm George Ramsey, to have a chat, after his recent assignments in Canada.
Ramsey explained that he was assigned as the Referees’ Assessor for two significant games in the CONCACAF/FIFA world cup qualifiers.

Firstly, he assessed the match officials from Mexico, in the game, Canada versus El Salvador and secondly, he was the Referees’ Assessor in the match, between Canada and Honduras, which involved match officials from Costa Rica.
These officials, for the most part, are top world cup officials.

The top eight teams were all vying for the three top spots.
This included the three leaders at the time, Canada, the USA and Mexico.

Games were played in from of a half capacity stadium of approximately 35,000 spectators.

Ramsey noted that he was not overawed by the situation as he has been assessing games since 2012.

During the interview, Ramsey was more inclined to speak of the achievements of FIFA Referee Kimbel Ward and FIFA’s Referee’s Assistant, Mario Parry, who incidentally developed under his tutelage and also of the progress of Ulinda Warner and Lenroy Parris, who have been nominated to the international FIFA”s list of Referees and Referees’ assistants, for the year 2022.

As a matter of fact, Ward and Parry, will, be officiating at a Concacaf game in November and will leave the federation on November 12th along with two other officials from St. Kitts, in Tristley Bassue and Jamie Browne.

Ramsey himself will leave the federation again on November 2nd for another Concacaf appointment in Canada.
Ramsey outlined a three-phased procedure in assessing the officials:
Firstly, he would sit down with them and review the game in question, hearing from them why they made certain decisions or did not make certain decisions.
Next, he would file an official report to FIFA and thirdly, he would again sit with the referees to get feedback in order to determine the best way forward in terms of improvement.

He noted that the officials who he has assessed are all professionals and he has never had problems dealing with them.

Officials who are not on the top of their game will be placed on ‘the back burner and will receive fewer assignments.

The humble gentleman, who lost his job as a radio announcer in 1996, because of his love for Football (that’s another story), gives all the praise and honour to God who has opened many doors for him since then.

He remembers that one day he told fellow Bath Villager, the man known as CHALLIE, that he was going to Mexico to assess some top FIFA Referee officials.

CHALLIE in his amazement retorted: “You sure it aint TEXACO they told you?’
(TEXACO of course is the previous name for the now popular RELIABLE MOTORS, located close to the Charlestown Secondary School.)

In speaking from his heart to young persons seeking a lucrative career, Ramsey noted that being a top Football official pays well. There are many perks, which include travelling to countries many persons may only hear about; staying in the finest hotels and flying first class.

He was quick to point out though, that it was not an overnight train.

‘It takes putting your trust in God and tremendous work and sacrifice.

He smiled as he stated: ‘After all of the hard work, I am now being paid to watch Football.
I give God the glory, the honour and praise. I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me,’ he reiterated.

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