Football : SKNFA Division 1 Results 21st – 23rd May 2024

Delroy Jeffers
Tuesday 21st May 2024

Division 1
at the NBGC Technical Center

Match # 1

Mantab 0 – 3 Molineux

Scoring for Molineux
Rondell Williams 40th min
Ronald Williams struck twice 68th & 73rd min

Yellow cards for Molineux
Darren Brookes 12th min
Ozzie Bute 64th min
Brionn Hendrickson 67th min
Yohan Nieuenkirk 87th min

Match Officials – Trevester Richards, Jaden Rouse, Juniequa Matthew & Zoend Browne

Match # 2

KFC Trinity/Challengers 1 – 3 Fast Cash Saddlers United

Scoring for Challengers
Tyrone Grant (pk) 51st min

Scoring for Saddlers
Kurt Mills 26th min
Kenrick Mcneil 39th min
Saeed Hanley 60th min

Yellow cards
Ron Johnson ( Saddlers) 51st min
Tristan Hanley (Saddlers) 52nd min
Ajarni Dunrod (Challengers) 90th +3 min

Match Officials – Reginald Gumbs, Tyra Wilkinson, Makeyla Audain & Jody Walters
General coordinator – Lydia Hanley

Wednesday 22nd May 2024

Tge Dieppe Bay Eagles 1 – 0 Security Forces United

Scoring for Dieppe Bay
Alphonso Murray 61st min

Yellow cards
Justin Soleyn (Security forces) 5th min
Lashell Pogson (Dieppe bay) 45th min
Jarian Phipps (Dieppe bay) 55th min
Shamar Douglas (Security Forces) 90th + 3 min

Match Officials – Kareem Benjamin, Raynic Bartlette, Latoya James & Zoend Browne

Thursday 23rd May 2024

Match # 1

Conaree Fireballs Int’l 2 – 2 Rivers Of Living Water

Scoring for Conaree Fireballs
Terrance Wallace 31st min
I – Dee Caines 40th min

Scoring for Rivers
Yannick Murray 77th min
Lamar Irish 90th + 2 min

Yellow cards
Bantu Campbell (Rivers) 55th min
Yannick Murray (Rivers) 83rd min

Match Officials – Shandor Wilkinson, Tyra Wilkinson, Juniequa Matthew & Sanchez Bass
General Coordinator – Kassie Mardenborough

Match # 2

607 Construction Lodge Patriots 0 – 2 Jones Group Sandy Point

Scoring for Sandy Point
Elzandhai Warner 72nd min
Dequan Joseph 90th + 4 min

Yellow cards
Jemari Trotman (Lodge) 34th min
Sharzeef Thompson (Sandy Point) 55th min
Kimbo Romney (Lodge) 67th min
Josh Liburd (Lodge) 74th min
Dequan Joseph (Sandy Point) 88th min

Match Officials – Jody Walters, Makeyla Audain. Alexis Joseph & Reginald Gumbs
General Coordinator – Shaun Simon

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