Foursome Complete Epic Swim

Saturday August 1st, a group of individuals waited with bated breaths, hoping that the weather would hold fair.  It did.

As a matter of fact, some say that it held as fair as it was on that fateful day, when the MV Christena sank.

The foursome: Valerie Le Roc’h; Jane Handsome; Mary Parks and Geoffrey Folsom, leaped into the water, off Nag’s head, in the area where the Christena sank and commenced the arduous, commemorative swim.

President of the St. Kitts and Nevis swimming federation, Winston Crooke, described the feat as EPIC.  He commended the swimmers for their months of training, hard work and commitment, to complete the historic swim.

As for the swimmers, they all indicated that they had a great experience and still had some energy left, when they exited the water at Pinney’s beach, to tumultuous applause.

They are all expats, who have made their home in Nevis and are committed to not only motivate, but teach as many persons who are interested, to swim.

Crooke is indicating that the long swim, may become an annual event, which may take on international proportions in the long term.

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