Fraud Advisory

Police Notice

The Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force takes this opportunity in providing information to assist the general public with the identification of a potential fraud.

Based on information received one Anthony Modise and other unknown persons have contacted individuals in the Federation offering monetary reward and soliciting bank information. They are offering to transfer a large sum of money to foreign account holders. The addressee is promised 30% of the total while 60% for the sender and 10% for expenses. The foreign account holders are required to submit personal banking information to unknown persons.

The general public is therefore warned to avoid divulging personal banking information to unknown persons, and be skeptical of individuals asking for assistance in depositing large sums of money into overseas bank accounts. Guard your account information carefully.

Please be careful about what information you send to people. These are people you do not know and for no legitimate reason they are offering you something free.

The general public is therefore asked to be weary of such letters and to be vigilant against attempts to defraud.

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