Freeman Steals Cranston’s Joy

Teacher Cranston would have won the Gingerland Secondary School’s Teachers’ cross country event, for the last two years but on Monday 18th February, this was not the case.
The teachers at the school participated in their road run, which commenced at the school and went through Hard Times and Rawlins and climaxed at the school.
Cranston, as is his custom, led from the front but Freeman ran a smart race and stayed close to him and then left him on the home stretch.
The top ten placers were:
1st Clyde Freeman;
2nd Teacher Cranston;
3rd Teshawn Maynard;
4th Teacher Green;
5th Miss Dore;
6th Teacher Daniel;
7th Teacher Liverpool;
8th Deputy Headmaster David;
9th Teacher Reid;
10th Teacher Burke

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