Gingerland –Nevis- He certainly does not look like any 90 year old and if someone decided to ask for a legitimate birth certificate, they could not be faulted.

However, family members and friends of George Freeman, gathered at his home, situated at Old Manor Estate, on Tuesday 26th December, as he celebrated in grand style, his 90th birthday.

The spritely looking gentleman danced with much vigour, to the strains of the Advent Minstrels string band, as those present looked on in amazement.

Supervisor of elections and personal friend, Mr. Elvin Bailey, who chaired the proceedings, described him as a man who is full of life, and plays a mean game of Dominoes, among other things.

He read a profile of the celebrant which described him as a ‘kind, friendly, jokey and talkative person, who could be disgusting at times.’

Also reading a profile of the celebrant, was Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Social Development, Mr. Keith Glasgow, who then presented him with a plaque and a fruit basket, complements of his Ministry, in collaboration with City Drug Store.

The birthday song was melodiously rendered by his neighbour, Mrs. Lornette Hanley and tributes were paid to the man of the moment, by several of the persons present.

Freeman for his part stated in his address to the gathering that he thanks all who have supported him—far and near and wished them God’s blessings.

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