Germany braces for more flooding after heavy rains

BERLIN, Germany (AP) — Heavy rainfall swelled already full rivers in southern and eastern Germany yesterday, prompting authorities to reinforce flood defences after at least two people drowned in recent days.

Water levels on the Rhine, Danube and Neckar rivers have risen steadily, with many smaller streams also threatening to break their banks. Meteorologists predicted further downpours in the coming days, marking one of the wettest starts to the summer on record.

German news agency DPA reported that authorities in the Bavarian city of Passau were preparing for a surge of water on the Danube, with waters expected to reach twice their normal level by Monday.

Leipzig’s Volkszeitung newspaper reported on its website that officials have issued a disaster warning for the nearby town of Borna.

Authorities in the Czech Republic, Austria and Switzerland also were reinforcing defences along rivers there.


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