GINGER ENDORSES PARRY (Say’s he is best man to be Premier)

Stevenson Manners

Calypso bard Cliff “Ginger” Walters has given a ringing endorsement to Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) leader the Hon. Joseph Parry, saying he is the best man to be the next Premier of Nevis, after the Dec. 18 local elections.

In his newest song, “Wip, Wap, Harry” released on Monday, (Dec. 11) Nomination Day and also his birthday, Ginger – a two-time Nevis calypso king(1981, 1990),and recognized as its most accomplished calypso composer, lauded the performance of Parry during his 6 ½ yearsin office which coincided with the world’s greatest recession since the Great Depression of the 1930’s.

Ginger sang:

some call him Miracle Man. I call him a Magician

he take de island through a recession

from the bottom to number one.”

The Gingerland-born, resident of New York City, also spoke to Parry’s integrity and love for people.

“henever victimize nobady

never indulge in skulduggery,

he is the ideal man to heal this country.”

Ginger evoked memories of the West Indies historic April 3, 2016 victory over England in the Finals of the ICC T20 Cricket World Cup, at Kolkota Eden Gardens in India,when Trinidadian broadcaster and former West Indian fast bowler Ian Bishop, made the epiccall.

“Joe Parry, remember the name

          Joe Parry – stalwart of the game

          His vision is 2020

He done pass de test a ready

          He is the best choice

          Raise your voice

If you agree with me.”

Of the Dec. 18 poll, Ginger prophesied an NRP victory, while underscoring  the party’s mantra.

“peace, progress and prosperity

will once again flourish in Queen City

not just for a few

but for all arbe”

Wha de champion name – Joe Parry

        Call he name again – Joe Parry

Ginger gave reasons why Nevisians will make the change to the more progressive NRP, and in his classic picongcouldn’t help taking a swipe at the CCM’s leader Mark Brantley, and the disastrous term of the outgoing CCM administration.

“all round the land consumers bawling

no newsman use to peruse anymore

       2 hours of hogwash on Wednesday evenings

smart folks, remark it makes their stomach sore

a tell dem hold strain and try to abstain

the waiting won’t be in vain

as inevitable as rain

       Queen City will be green again.”

The song released to Youtube hasbeen getting rave reviews from scores of Nevisians, and will undoubtedly be played again and again throughout the ongoing campaign.

The highly respected lyricist has been a mainstay of Nevis calypso for decades, and given calypso folklore such classics as “Write the Right History”, “Still hangingIn”, “K ing in de Water” and“What goes around comes around, and harder.”

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