Gingerama relaunches after thirteen year absence

Under the theme ‘Reviving our Culture, Sustaining our Heritage’ the community festival known as Gingerama was relaunched on Thursday 17th December 2015 after a prolonged thirteen year absence. The dual ceremony, which combined the opening of Gingerama and the Market Shop Christmas Tree Lighting, was held under the patronage of Mr & Mrs Ira Hanley, and was also aided by the sponsorship of various local and regional business places.

The event gained a large turnout and showcased cultural performances in song, dance, masquerade, steel pan, string band and dramatic presentations. The confident and outspoken contestant for the upcoming Gingerette Pagent also made appearances.

Special remarks were given by Bishop Stephen Liburd, who urged persons to stay with the peaceful norm Nevis is known to be and to remember that Christmas is also a time when we talk to another about the love of Jesus.  Mr. Eric Evelyn, the chairman of the Gingerama committee, stated that the aims of Gingerama are to encourage community unity, bring life to Nevis as well as bringing economic activity to the Parish. Other featured speakers included Mrs. Janet Meloney, Director of Social Development, who commended the organizing committee for their hard work, and Hon. Vance Amory, Premier and Area Representative who declared Gingerama 2015 officially open.

Following the launch, the other events under this year’s Gingerama celebrations will be the Swimwear Contest to be held on Friday 18th, the Gingerjam and Food Fair slated for Saturday 19th and the Gingerette Pageant which ends the celebrations on Sunday 20th December 2015.

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