Good corporate citizen, Bank of Nevis Ltd donates three scholarships to deserving students

By:St. Clair Sazam Hull

(CHARLESTOWN NEVIS)-On the afternoon of day, Monday, September 12, 2016, the Bank of Nevis Ltd held a ceremony at the bank’s Headquarters in Charlestown. The ceremony was to demonstrate the bank’s continuous support towards school children here on the island of Nevis through the distribution of scholarships.

Chairperson of the event, Mr. Denrick Liburd gave the opening remarks. He indicated that was the Bank was the brainchild of the late Sir Simeon Daniel. Liburd noted that the institution came into being thirty one years ago and they made a decision this year to award three students with scholarships as opposed to two, as has been the practice since the exercise commenced. He continued, “The bank is celebrating 31 glorious years and we look forward to keep serving”. Liburd told the students that they should make full use of the opportunity that has been presented to them.

Manager of the Bank, Mr. Evertte Martin also gave some remarks. He stated that the Bank of Nevis has always stood by its motto, ‘Improving the Quality of Life’. Mr. Martin noted that this is the sixth year in succession that the Bank has distributed these scholarships noting that the scheme started in 2010. He also indicated that special mention must be made of Sir Simeon Daniel who not only had the vision but who made the vision a reality. In conclusion, the General Manager congratulated the students on getting the scholarships and urged them to aspire to be good role models in society.

Mrs. Sheila Daniel, window of the late Sir Simeon Daniel also gave some brief remarks. He noted that he was humbled by the invitation received to represent his late father. He also indicated that Dr. Daniel was a great advocate for education and was a teacher before exploring other fields. Mr. Daniel also pointed out that his father was fully committed to the development of people and never hesitated to put Nevisians first. In closing, she encouraged the students to keep working hard and to never give up when the going gets tough.

Ms. Janice Hodge, daughter of Sir Simeon Daniel and who currently serves on the Board of Directors at the Bank, gave some remarks. She told the gathering that she was elated to be a part of such an occasion as daughter of the Bank’s founder. She indicated that if her father was alive today, he would have told the students to take their education with utmost seriousness and to never lose hope. Ms. Hodge also pointed out, that the initiative is a way to make life easier for the students where education is concerned. In closing, Ms. Hodge wished the students all the best in their future endeavors.

The recipients of the scholarships are Jadan Liburd, Julissa Griffin and Brianne Chapman. Liburd and Chapman will be attending the Charlestown Secondary School, while Griffin will be attending the Gingerland Secondary School.



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