Government Assembles Comprehensive Task Force to Tackle Youth Employment Challenges

Basseterre, St. Kitts (SKNIS): The Ministry of Youth Empowerment has initiated rigorous measures to address the pressing challenge of youth unemployment in the nation. As shared on the October 25th edition of Infocus, the depth of this issue is significant and the commitment to resolving it is even stronger.

Isalean Phillip, Minister of State with responsibility for Youth Empowerment, identified youth unemployment as the paramount issue that the younger generation speaks about. She emphasized the government’s pledge to understand and eradicate the challenges leading to youth unemployment.

The Director of Youth Empowerment, Sahira Joseph, highlighted the formation of the Youth Unemployment Task Force. This task force aims to delve deeper into the intricacies of the unemployment issue. A crucial part of this initiative is the ’employment rapid survey’. This survey is dedicated to uncovering the root causes of youth unemployment, and determining whether factors such as race or education levels play significant roles.

The main goal, as Mrs. Joseph explains, is to “understand what is going on” so that the ministry can optimize existing programmes, ensuring that the youth can access fulfilling jobs and careers.

Collaboration is at the heart of this initiative. The Ministry of Youth Empowerment is working hand in hand with essential government agencies, including the Labour Department, Social and Community Development, and Skills Training and Empowerment Programme (STEP). All the key entities that can usher in positive change concerning youth employment have been given a seat at the table, reinforcing the collective commitment to the cause.

Minister Phillip added another feather to the collaborative cap by sharing the involvement of the private sector, especially the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. This inclusion ensures that non-governmental partners are actively participating in shaping the future employment landscape for the youth.

“We recognize that we might not have all the data to forge the right path. However, the rapid assessment and our collective approach with various stakeholders will undoubtedly lead us in the right direction,” Minister Phillip remarked.

The government urges patience and collective participation as they move forward with this vital initiative, promising to launch dynamic strategies once the survey is completed. The future of the nation’s youth is bright, and the comprehensive steps taken by the government further solidify this vision, Minister Phillip added.

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