Green Coast Clean Up Campaign Starts On A Successful Note

By: Curtis Morton

Butlers Village-Nevis-Saturday 13th June was a very significant one for the tranquil village of Butlers in the St.James’ Parish.
That is when a volunteer group of residents from across the island, teamed up in an effort to clean up a section of Butler’s Bay which had accumulated quite a huge portion of refuse for more than a decade.

Leading out in the project was a youthful teacher by profession and a proud resident of the area, Miss Rhosyll Jeffers.
She is the one with whom the idea was born and she did not just keep it to herself. She ran with the idea, all the way to the Nevis Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) where she spoke with Manager Mr. Andrew Hendrickson. He was immediately sold on the idea to form a voluntary group to deal with what has been dubbed the ‘’GREEN COAST CLEAN UP CAMPAIGN.’
It has been pointed out that the cleanup campaign is not limited to only the clean up of the coastal areas of Nevis, but will also include trouble spots inland that require similar attention.

A group of ten persons started the cleanup effort shortly after 6 am. In their estimation, by the time they were done for the day, about one eight of the area in focus had been cleared.
The ten persons present were:

Denecia Small
Andrew Hendrickson
Ranciato Jeffers
Rydel Jeffers
Lemuel Pemberton
. Thelma Ward
Jevaunico Huggins
Jaleel Huggins
Anthony Henry
Rhosyll Jeffers

Over 40 bags of garbage which comprised of plastic bottles, ropes, brushes, shoes, fuel bottles.
In addition, also removed from the site were an old refrigerator, a gas tank and vehicle tires.

Another cleanup day has been scheduled as it is estimated that there are another 200 bags of waste materials yet to be collected. This event is planned for Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th July.
Other interested individuals are kindly asked to join the group in this meaningful cleanup campaign.
The NSWMA provided assistance with garbage bags; gloves and the immediate removal of the collected waste which was taken to the Sanitary landfill at Long Point.

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