Green House captures Mr. and Miss CSS 2013 title

By: Gavincia Clarke

(CHARLESTOWN, NEVIS)- Melissa Gumbs and Sencio Williams representatives of Hamilton House, Green House were crowned Mr. and Miss CSS 2013 following the pageant on Saturday evening.

Mr. and Mrs CSS Winners
Mr. and Miss CSS Winners

A satisfactory crowd turned out to the Nevis Cultural Complex on Saturday, April 6, 2013 to witness the 20th anniversary of the Charlestown Secondary School Mr. and Miss CSS Pageant.

Talent, elegance and personality highlighted the evening and thrilled the attentive crowd who came out to support the princes and princesses who participated in the pageant.

It was no doubt during the show that Green House was the crowd’s favorite. The couple walked away with the win in two out of three judging segments, with an overall of 750 points.

The Green House Couple secured the Best Talent segment. They performed a dramatic piece that highlighted the ‘right’ attitude and attire when seeking employment and attending a job interview.

Sencio also captured Best Career Profile. He served as a bartender to portray Maurice Gumbs who is a poplar and charismatic bartender at the Four Seasons Resorts. The stage was set up to resemble a restaurant and Senico thrilled the crowd when he made a pina colada and served to his guest on staged. The pair also won the Mr. and Miss Popularity title.

Shannon Morton of Foxes House, Blue House captured the Best Heroic Icon. She spoke about Shervon Greene and his incredible athletic skills while attending the CSS and his continuous achievements while studying overseas at the Monroe College. The Blue House couple also won Mr. and Miss Personality.

Representing Bridgewater House, Gold House Onecia Challenger and Chris Clarke won Best Prom wear and Best Interview. Shyan Stanley and Ravelito Tavares of Huggins House, Red House won Mr. and Miss Photogenic and Mr. and Miss Amity.

The Green House participants were crowned by 2012 winners, Mr. and Miss CSS Serena Browne and K-jel Smithen of Red House.

Caribbean Roots was the house band for the evening.

The show also saw performances by three dance groups filled with young, attractive and agile dancers.
The audience also had a special treat when local artistes from St. Kitts, Pinochio, Silk and Footsy hit the stage.

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