Photo Gallery: Green in Control at JLPS SPECTACULAR!

That is one apt way to describe the annual sports meet, held by the Joycelyn Liburd Primary School (JLPS), on Thursday 7th March, at the St. George’s Recreation Ground-BALL PASTURE.
Shockingly, the march past started just about two minutes late but the officials made up the time and were able to commence the first race in time for the accustomed 1 pm deadline.
The meet was held under the distinguished patronage of the dynamic duo of Altricia Burke and Utroy Liburd, two former top athletes at the school.
They took the official salute at the impressive march past and then spent the remainder of the afternoon, cheering on the athletes and presenting them with their medals.
The athletes competed in the following races: 800; 200; 400; 1200; 100; 80; 4×100; 4×400 meters; hurdles and endurance races.
A huge crowd was on hand to witness the event and that included teachers and students from no fewer than five other Primary schools.
Some of the truly outstanding athletes on the day were: Nikedre Hendrickson; Tiana Liburd; Joric Daniel and young Miss Williams.
The athletes truly excelled, as some of them represented their respective houses in almost all of the events.
When the 68 events were completed, announcers Hon. Eric Evelyn and Brian Dowe made the grand announcement, the final results were:

Green house—456—points-champions

Red house-385 points

Blue house—318 points




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