Green Squeezes Victory At St. James’ Primary Meet

Despite the fact that the school has a small roll, the St. James’ Primary school attracted a huge gathering at their annual sports day, which was held at the school’s grounds on Tuesday 5th March.

The meet was held under the distinguished patronage of former student/athlete, Trevorn Bryan.

The event commenced with an impressive march past and then the athletes competed in the 400; 800; 200; 1200; 100 and 4 x100 meters.

There were also some fun races such as lime and spoon; endurance race; sack races and cricket pads race.

One of the highlights of the day was an endurance race between Headmistress Wallace and Sheryl Sutton, with Teacher Wallace accepting the challenge from Sheryl.

Well, Sheryl did well on the first lap but by the second lap, as she zig –zagged her way up the track, the Red Cross were looking on anxiously. Needless to say, Teacher Wallace won the race hands down!

It was a close race for supremacy between Green and Gold and when the final count was complete, Green managed to grab the champion’s trophy by a mere four points.

Final results:

Green 256

Gold 252

Red 190

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