The Maude Smith pre school, as was the case last year, was the first school on Nevis, out of theblocks, to host its annual Sports meet.

It was held on Friday 2nd February at the Bath Villa ge Palying field, under the distinguished patronage of the Director of Sports on Nevis, Mr. Jamir Claxton.

Tow houses in Green house and Orange house, competed for honours in the various races, which included dress up races; fruit basket; Jack and Jill and spoon and block and many more fun races, which saw the children thoroughly enjoying themesleves, even running way past the finish line on a few occasions.

Their adoring parents and other family members , also showed up in good numbers.

At the end of the event, when the pointsb were tabulated, the results were:

Green house 300 points

Orange house 253 points.

It was a significant victory for Green house as they have not won over the last five years.

Orange house is sos accustomed to the winning position that it is understood that one of the house teachers was asking for a recount of the points.


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