GSS Celebrates 49th Anniversary

Gingerland –Nevis-The Gingerland Secondary School celebrated its 49th anniversary on Monday 24th January.

On January 24th 1973, the then Gingerland Senior School officially became a secondary school and was renamed the Gingerland Secondary School. The school’s internal physical structure remained the same, but the curriculum was changed to accommodate Foreign Languages, Sciences and other subjects, and all students who had the academic ability were afforded the opportunity to sit the Cambridge Examination prior to leaving school.

A statement from the School’s Facebook page indicated the following
“Today, we are proud to be celebrating our 49th year of educating and molding the minds of numerous individuals from various communities throughout the island.
The school has seen various improvements over the years and has grown from strength to strength. We continue to grow and develop with God’s help.

We thank all stakeholders and other entities who have contributed to our school’s success in any way over the years. We are eternally grateful and do look forward to your continued support.
Gingerland Secondary School: Per Ardua Ad Astra “Through difficulties to the stars”.

When contacted, the Principal of the school Mrs. Lineth Williams indicated that the school will not be hosting any special activities this year, due to the ongoing covid -19 crisis, but took time out to thank everyone who has assisted in the progress of the school, over the years

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