According to Teacher at the Gingerland Secondary school, Joseph Morton, the hosting of the first EVENTS DAY, for the school, had three major objectives in mind:

  • To get the events completed in a more competitive atmosphere and shared with the general public-away from the school’s premises
  • It also served as an unofficial dress up day for the children
  • It was also a fund raiser for the school, as lunch was served at a mere cost of $10.00

The event was held at the newly renovated Hard Times playing field, on Thursday 15th February and several exciting contests were completed between the athletes, in three different areas:

  • Shot put
  • Long jump
  • High jump

There was musical entertainment provided throughout the day, complements of the school’s DJ and members of the general public showed their support throughout.

The top results were as follows:


Junior girls

Shelliqua Carmichael; Riancia Maynard; Okeycia Hutton

Junior boys

Kimany Nisbett; Tazari Tyson; T’Kari Freeman

Senior girls

Shekia Daniel; Charlyn Myers; Annique Jeffers

Senior boys

Tyreek Freeman; Reon Solomon; Peter Charles


Class 1 Girls

Kevinee Browne; Nahjade Liburd; Schadone Liburd

Class 2 Girls

Shaqueeda Browne; Shantel Leslie; Zwena Jones

Class 3 Girls

Celina Brown; Nangela Semple; Xendoria Sutton

Class 1 Boys

Nazian Dore; Swaindel Evelyn; Kareem Daniel

Class 2 Boys

Leshon Moore; Julian Emilien; Kevaun Hendrickson



Class 1 Girls

Janessa Caines; Taniqua Mills; Dawvel Challenger

Class 2 Girls

Charisma Hodge; Shai-Ann Tyson; Shontelle Leslie

Class 3 Girls

Jareecia Browne; Keshawna Smithen; Celina Brown

Class 1 Boys

Kareem Daniel; Swaindel Evelyn; Zario Chumney

Class 2 Boys

Queleel Roberts; Devonte Liburd; Reon Solomon

Class 3 Boys

Jahmarley Lawrence; Nickolon Liburd; Calique Julius



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