Half Island Run Relay Definitely On-Press Conference Held

(SKN Moves Nevis Chapter Release)

SKN Moves Nevis Chapter held a Press Conference on Friday 17th March in the Communications conference room, where details were shared with the general public regarding the pending Second edition of the SKN Moves Nevis Chapter, Half Island Run Relay F.I.T. Wellness Cup Challenge.
Present at the Press conference were: Assistant Secretary in the Ministry of Health and Gender Affairs Ms. Latoya Jeffers; David Walwyn Ambassador and committee member; Ms. Jan Grell Hull, MH Ambassador and committee member and Shelagh James Coordinator

Sponsors for this event are: Gold Sponsor -David Walwyn of F.I.T. Wellness Center; Gender Affairs Trophy Challenge for the Recognition of International Women’s Day; Sheldon Joseph of Koncept and Pemberton’s Card and Gift Shop, also in recognition of Women’s Day.
Seven teams will vie for the Skn Moves Nevis Chapter Half Island F.I.T wellness Trophy Challenge:
Defence Force -two teams
Hospital -two teams
The Nisbett’s Family (Hollywood)

The route:
Start at 6 am in Brick Kiln, outside of Dick’s Bar.
Firsthand over is in Butlers at Esmie’s Bar
Second-hand over is at Fothergills.
The third Hand over is at Market shop.
The fourth Hand over is at Brown hill gap bus stop.
The final leg to Fit wellness grounds.

Relay teams will finish at the main gate adjacent to the Nevis Academy.
Solo runners will enter at the side gate adjacent to Bath Cemetery.

All athletes are advised to wear appropriate running shoes and comfortable attire and a cap.
They are further advised to please use a sun barrier cream if possible.
Bring a towel and a water bottle for topping up on route, at each handover check point which will house a water station.
Registration is now closed.

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