Hard-hitting Campaign Rally got the people of St. James revved up to “Surge with Virge”

Charlestown,Nevis (Tuesday, December 5th, 2017)  Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) candidate for St. James parish, Virgil Browne on Monday night made an impassioned plea to voters of St. James to give him an opportunity to lead the parish on a pathway to prosperity. 

Speaking on the grounds of the X-Petrol Gas Station and Convenience Store, Browne told supporters: “Tonight I appeal to all, to go out and vote for a future of prosperity. St. James Parish was once Nevis second town and with the development that I want to bring to St. James, I want to regain it,” said Browne.  

Browne spoke about his plans, which included a Flight School at the New Castle airport, a total new redevelopment project for the New Castle Bay area, a new Nevis Pottery and a new Learning Center for kids. 

“I’m committed to you. I commit my family to give myself in full service, and everything I do I will do for you,” he saidbefore inviting his parents, Franklyn and Lorraine Browne, who are well respected educators to join him on stage. Browne’s father rose to the rank of principal. 

Browne had the crowd applauding as he made an appeal and defended his party’s plans to progress and move Nevis forward with decriminalization of marijuana, introduction of the Rent to-Own Home program, and laptop and scholarships for young people, . 

I want to get St. James’ back on a good footing so that all people can feed their families well,” Browne said. 

Just yesterday, Browne got a ringing endorsement from two-time winning T-20 West Indian cricket captain, St. Lucian Daren Sammy.  Browne was a member of both victorious teams  in 2012 and 2016. 

At the start of Browne’s entrance to the stage, he came on to Dwayne Bravo’s hit song, “Champion” to the obvious delight and cheers of his adoring supporters. 

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