By:Curtis Morton

The local Football league continued on Saturday night-17th December with an intriguing matchup between Hard Times and the hitherto unbeaten SL Horsfords Highlights team.

At the end of the first half, it was logical to conclude that Highlights would come away easy victors, after Jamie Hamilton made a speedy runaway and bombed one into the back of the net, leaving the Hard Times goalie stranded.

Thereafter, it seemed only a matter of time before the Highlights team would convert their second goal, as they made another series of impressive run throughs and additionally, the Hard Times team appeared lethargic and flat footed.

However, the half time score remained one goal to nil, in favour of the Highlights team.

During the break however, the Hard Times coaches must have drilled something into the team, as they came out totally upbeat and took their game to another level.

Suddenly, for the first time in the match, the Highlights team appeared under pressure and a thumping right booter from long range by Curtis Morton Jr, saw goal keeper PAS going the wrong way and Hard Times had equalized. Interestingly, it was the first time that PAS had been scored on for the league.

Later in the game, Sheldon saw an opening and bombed another one home, with PAS not having a clue on that one.

Make that 2 goals to 1 in favour of the Hard Times team.

Despite their best efforts to play catch up, the Highlights team failed to get the equalizer up to the final whistle.

Final score: Hard Times 2 SL Horsfords Highlights 1

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