Harris Applauds Nevis Premier In Face Of Adversity

Team UNITY Communications Secretariat

Media Release

Team Unity Leader Hon. Dr. Timothy Harris has commended his opposition colleague Nevis Premier Hon. Vance Amory for his handling of this week’s NIA salary fiasco.

On Wednesday (Apr 23) the Nevis branch of the SKNA National Bank refused to honor salary cheques issued by the Nevis Island Administration. Civil servants who went to cash their weekly and monthly salary cheques were turned away empty-handed.

The Amory-led administration, through negotiations with the Bank, made arrangements to have government employees paid on Thursday.

“I want on behalf of Team Unity to commend Premier Vance Amory both as leader of the Nevis island government and also as Minister of Finance, for the remarkable calm and good sense he has shown in the face of this unprovoked onslaught against him which was politically directed,” Dr. Harris said.

He told The Observer that Nevisians should be very proud that they have at the head of the NIA a man who loved his people and would do anything in his power to ensure they enjoy the better quality of life they sought.

“We have seen by his competent management of the finances of the NIA that Premier Amory is capable of delivering a better Nevis to all Nevisians and that will redound to the benefit of St. Kitts and Nevis.”

Dr. Harris said if Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Denzil Douglas could learn from Amory’s example of fiscal prudence, the Federation would be a better place.

“I would want Douglas to copy a page from the book of competent leadership which Premier Amory is showing.”

He encouraged his Unity colleague to continue to do good as the hearts and minds of the people of not just Nevis but also those in St. Kitts are with him.

“We understand the savagery that is being perpetrated against his administration, but good triumphs over evil and Vance Amory’s administration will triumph over the illegitimate administration that is attempting to do harm,” said Dr. Harris.

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