Hector questions Brantley’s statement on Four Seasons Resort Closure

Charlestown, Nevis (December 17th, 2018) -The leader of the Nevis Reformation Party (NRP), Mr. Robelto Hector said in a recent message, that the people must question the Premier of Nevis, Hon. Mark Brantley’s claim that the Four Seasons Resort closure would only be a loss of $1.7 million to the Nevis treasury.

“We must all question with great skepticism, Brantley’s claim that the loss to the treasury for four months period of June- September 2019 would only amount to $1.7 million. If that is the total loss to the government and the economy then the closure would hardly register as the crisis that Brantley has described it to be,” stated Mr.Hector.

Hector went on to state that according to industry professional’s: “The Four Seasons Resort contributions is 40% to the Nevis economy alongside 30% from government and another 30% from private stakeholders.”

He also noted that the Concerned Citizens Movement in government has failed to deliver any of the 18 hotels they promised the people of Nevis. Neither have they delivered the promise of diversifying the economy. Hector was adamant during his message when he stated that with “rising unemployment made worse by the high cost of living and very little consumer spending…the economy will decline”.

In Wednesday’s December 5th House of Assembly sitting, Premier Brantley told listeners that the workers of Four Seasons Resort and the people of Nevis, that they must save and tighten their belts.

In reaction to Brantley’s statement, Mr. Hector said, “Brantley scolded the laid-off workers of the Four Seasons Resort asking them to make good use of the very small settlement which is 75% less salary than what the workers would take home usually. It is obvious that Brantley is not in tune to the many persons in Nevis that work paycheck to paycheck.”

A number of people on social media posted their views on the Four Seasons Resort matter: …Four Seasons Resort will more than likely be closed for more than four months. -Mr. Hastings Daniel. Miss Tonya Powell wrote: …The workers should have received their severance payment which would have been much more than 25% of the regular salary.

To listen to Mr. Robelto Hector’s message in full please visit: https://wetransfer.com/downloads/30a4ffdf300f07fa1b53bf8880cd11ec20181210211438/fa029f

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